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by Carlos J. on Buzztilt
the only one thing worked

We had a small budget so wanted to be careful on our spend. We made a costly mistake by spending a big chunk of change on a social media advertising company before turning to Buzztilt. Dollar for dollar our ROI was delivered way greater on this than anything else.

by Melvin R. on Buzztilt
can't complain

Fast service. We didn't go viral or anything- had about 3 larger media pickups but we are still benefitting from those today (they drive a ton of traffic and we still feature them on our website). Solid data and reporting. Did exactly what we paid them to do.

by Wanda K. on Buzztilt
One of the few good ones.

We tried about 3 or 4 different services for our campaign (we have a long term crowdfunding strategy and product line) so wanted to get a feel for what worked and what didn't our first go around. I'll be honest the majority of them were absolute garbage (one even ghosted us completely), but Buzztilt really shined out of all the different agencies. They were not only competent, but I actually go the sense that they really took the time to understand our project and brand. Great communication and stellar service all around.

by Hannah K. on Buzztilt

We had a very niche watch design / project, and Buzztilt really nailed the story and our target audience. We're working on our next product and will be going the crowdfunding route once again with this team. Thanks!

by Jake H. on Buzztilt
5 Stars

These guys are awesome. Seriously. We had an outdoor based product and after viewing some of their past campaigns thought they could be a fit. They made it happen for us. 5 stars.

by Cameron C. on Buzztilt
Came through.

Came through just like they promised. Thanks!

by Xi A. on Buzztilt
From HK

We are a Hong Kong based startup with little experience in the U.S. Media market. When we sought out a partner we were looking for strong connections in the tech industry. Buzztilt did exactly what we hired them for and we hope to partner again soon.

by Sandra R. on Buzztilt

We had hired another agency to help launch our campaign and it turned out to be a major flop. Broken promises and they always claimed that a big story was coming. Of course it never came through. Luckily our campaign was still doing well on its own already, but after hearing about them through a reference decided to give them a shot and boy did they make the most of it with the remaining 3 weeks. We were picked up in several women's mags online and it was just the demo we needed to really set this campaign to the next level.

by Karla J. on Buzztilt
Would use them anytime.

Fast. Friendly. Professional. Everything you'd want in a PR agency. Their well written press release went out quickly and their creative touches really helped craft the storyline we needed. We were picked up in several media outlets and even after our campaign ended reporters STILL kept approaching us.

by Ken O. on Buzztilt

I hired the team about a week into our campaign. I initially didn't think we would need to hire outside PR as we had a great (in our opinion story-worthy) product and had done our homework and pre-campaign prep. The campaign didn't take off like we had initially hoped which was disappointed so we decided to seek out outside help. After interviewing a few different agencies we ended up selecting Buzztilt. Speaking to them gave us a sense that they cared and understood what we had created so we were excited to move forward. They delivered in every way possible landing us on Mashable, Yahoo! News, HuffPost, and a few others. Great experience overall, if you're looking for PR don't hesitate to hire them.

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